Centrality’s appointment as a Microsoft Calling Advanced Specialist.

Centrality’s appointment as a Microsoft Calling Advanced Specialist.

Microsoft Calling Advanced Specialisation

Announcing Centrality’s appointment by Microsoft as an Advanced Calling Specialist Partner.

As tens of thousands of businesses across the country worked to navigate a pivotal shift in their working environment, IT teams were left seeking a means of elevating their ecosystem to meet the new demands of collaboration and communication from their now disparate workforce.

While this concept is by no means new, the forced uptake of remote, hybrid working from home, brought with it a requirement for more stability and security to serve the now pseudo permanency of what previously was, by and large, an intermittent fixture.

Despite this being a challenge for many, the circumstances prompted an opportunity to pursue a digital transformation at a pace greater than would have otherwise been thought possible without the strength of such influencing external factors; fast-tracking plans into unchartered territory to provide teams with greater agility and efficiency, whether working remotely or not.

Although we all live and work in an incredibly IT-heavy world, the telephone still remains, even today, as the unsung hero in business communication. With roots dating back as far as 1876, the same level of instancy with which business can be conducted by phone remains largely unchanged; and, as iterations of telephony technology have come and gone, the importance of having staff members of all levels available by phone lives on.

In the rush to de-camp the office in favour of the dining table at home, the telephone was in many cases went disregarded – or – simply offered too little in flexibility to function in a remote environment. With many organisations remaining on traditional voice services, such as ISDN (Integrated Services Delivery Network), a considerable number of firms were forced to do little more than re-direct their inbound numbers to mobiles; a wholly inconvenient, costly and reputationally inappropriate alternative – but nonetheless, the only available alternative. For those that had already made the transition to VoIP (Voice-over-IP), found themselves among the luckier few that had some greater level of reach where remote access was concerned, but not always. Many of these systems are still tied to physical desk handsets or use weak softphones; leaving an overall clumsy user experience, net the result of which, is a poorer level of customer experience.

At the epicentre of a successful transition to the cloud, where communication, collaboration and productivity are concerned, is Microsoft Teams. As the new flagship platform to Microsoft’s 365 suite, Teams skyrocketed in user adoption for those seeking a ‘single pane of glass’ for many of their day-to-day workflow and co-working requirements.

Teams, with its inclusion of a comprehensive, feature-rich VoIP phone system, set the bar even higher for the already powerful offering contained within the single application. As Microsoft solution specialists with a wealth of knowledge of MS Teams since its introduction, Centrality rapidly started to assist customers to deploy Microsoft Teams as the platform to deliver cutting-edge, professional and reliable voice, video and collaboration services required among our clients.


In recognition of our specialist skills, competence and service excellence, Centrality are proud to announce that we have been awarded with the ‘Microsoft Calling Advanced Specialisation.’

Featuring as one of Microsoft’s upper echelon of partner certifications, their Advanced Specialisation category is presented to partners that are able to demonstrate a senior level of technical expertise, which is evidenced by technical personnel achieving official Microsoft professional certifications, along with case-studies showcasing the successful outcomes of services provided for clients.

Centrality’s team of expert architects, consultants, and technicians have excelled in meeting the high standards set by Microsoft in achieving one of their coveted ‘Advanced Specialisations’, specifically for Microsoft Calling services.  

David Keeling, CEO of Centrality, commented, “I am proud to announce and showcase the dedication and service excellence delivered to our clients by our technical teams, evidenced in our appointment as one of few IT Providers with a Microsoft Advanced Specialisation. We believe with this capability, we will further deliver increased levels of performance and agility within our client’s businesses, utilising the Microsoft 365 stack, with Teams at the very heart of it all.”

Your dedicated Microsoft Partner.

If you’re looking to harness the complete capabilities of the Microsoft 365 suite to deliver transformational change within your organisation, Centrality are incredibly well placed to guide, support, and execute a shift change in cloud adoption among your teams. With our thorough approach to security and end user experience, combined with an incredibly intimate level of hands-on knowledge in delivering complete cloud experiences, Centrality are the Microsoft Partner you deserve on your journey to achieving operational excellence and unrivalled competitive advantage through innovative technology.

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