Building a cyber-resilient business: The importance of logging and monitoring

Building a cyber-resilient business: The importance of logging and monitoring

As new technologies continue to advance and emerge rapidly, so does the opportunity for more vicious cyber-attacks. It's been reported that 7 out of 10 businesses see cyber security as a high priority*, however, the number of businesses who have implemented security best practices is still at a minimum. There is a large gap of opportunity for businesses to adopt more secure processes to ensure that they’re protected at all levels.


When it comes to cyber security, logging and monitoring is an essential best practice for any business to adopt. By doing so, you’re quickly able to discover any concern or potential security incident within your environment, discover the issue, and understand what impact the incident has had. Logging and monitoring has several benefits such as operational visibility and the ability to identify trends and security vulnerabilities, all whilst improving your cyber security positioning. Actively analysing logging information ensures that any issue can be detected right at the source and acted upon immediately.


Logging and monitoring can take a long time for businesses to manage due to it having to be a continuous process, which is why introducing a logging and monitoring tool can have great benefit. Only 35% of businesses currently use specific tools to assist them with logging and monitoring, but by considering implementing a tool you can ensure that your business is secure 24x7.


One of the most popular logging and monitoring solutions used is a SOC (Security Operations Centre). A SOC is a centralised function, utilising a selection of Microsoft technologies to be able to continuously monitor and improve a business's security posture.

Within Centrality, our SOC is managed by individuals across 4 different functions within the business; Cloud Operations, Cloud Services Engineering, Service Desk and Cyber Team, to ensure that we can provide our clients with the best expertise and ensure that they’re protected across all security possibilities 24/7. 



A Security Operations Centre is made up of people, tools and processes, making it a powerful system for any business looking to be more secure.

Implementing a SOC has many benefits:


Strong security posture – Arguably one of the most important benefits of a SOC is that it gives your business a strong security posture. Logging and monitoring have to be considered continuously, and is something that is never completed, but by having a SOC the logging and monitoring is managed 24x7 and ensures that you stay on top of any changing attacks or technologies.


Saving costs – When a cyber-attack is successful, there can be significant financial impact on a business to ensure that they can successfully rectify any damage, which can thereafter have a long-lasting impact. There can also be other business-related impacts such as: the need for recovery, which can result in both system downtime and additional work for internal staff, as well as the business's reputation becoming tarnished which can result in the loss of customers.


Rapid isolation, mitigation & remediation – Rather than leaving a threat unmanaged and it become a major threat, having a SOC allows for rapid mitigation right at the point when a security threat is detected or identified. This then allows for the threat to be isolated to mitigate any further risk and is quickly remediated. 


Data compliance – A SOC also boasts other benefits such as ensuring that your data is compliant. The system reports on your infrastructure compliance, ensuring that you’re both up to date and that the appropriate corporate policies are deployed to continually evolve your security posture.



Focusing on cyber security is absolutely crucial for any business to ensure that their infrastructure is secure. By having a focus on logging and monitoring, any business can level up its security positioning and become cyber-resilient. Implementing a tool such as a SOC will facilitate achieving these goals and give you peace of mind that your business is continuously secure. 


Wondering if a SOC would benefit you? We’re currently offering a free 3-month, no obligation, trial. Sign up today and discover how SOC can work within your environment.


*Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023