How to solve your enterprise mobility management challenges

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing mobile devices, corporate networks and everything this entails within an organisation. It has the potential to transform your business by improving everyday processes.

Benefits include:

  • Better employee engagement
  • Improved customer service
  • A more flexible way of working
  • Increases in productivity

Along with the many benefits, though, enterprise mobility can impose several challenges. Company decision-makers must understand how such challenges can surface if they wish to avoid them. This is where choosing the right solution is crucial.

Enterprise mobility management challenges

Here are the biggest challenges that organisations face when trying to enable mobile working across the workplace, and how to solve them.

Incorporating the right strategy

Enterprise mobility management can evolve an organisation’s processes, creating a mobile, remote and responsive workforce in the age of digital transformation. This cannot be ignored by businesses looking to remain competitive. But it can be a challenge to incorporate a mobile strategy into the broader goals of the entire business, and ensuring user adoption is no small feat, either.

What’s the solution?

Sitting down and working out how enterprise mobility management can complement your business strategy is an essential first step. Central to this is making sure senior management is fully ‘on-board’ with the evolution and can lend support when it comes to updating processes and ensuring user adoption. The more you know about enterprise mobility management, the easier this will be.


The volume of data and content that organisations are generating is constantly on the rise. And while more data means more opportunity to drive insight, it can also make it much harder to manage. This is particularly true when it comes to protecting corporate data on mobile devices. There is plenty to keep track of when it comes to security in a mobile world, including:

  • Ensuring the correct authentication and access across your corporate network
  • Prohibiting the use of non-standard, unprotected applications
  • Minimising user-related risks

What’s the solution?

Security will continue to be an evolving component of mobile IT. What remains important now and in the future is that organisations find a solution that can ensure the intricate layers of security are in the right place.

Another way of ensuring mobile security without limiting your employees is by making sure you are using the right applications for your processes. This can be difficult in a world where IT and mobile innovation is so rapid—you could develop in-house apps or choose ready-made, deploy-customised versions of apps built by partners. Part of the decision for your IT team will be the amount of control it can exert over the apps across the organisation, and how they will be hosted and maintained. Customisations that are key to your processes may not be valid months down the line or could be a pain to upgrade.


Bring your own device (BYOD) is more popular than ever. Most organisations now allow their employees to use their own personal devices for professional purposes. The issue for mobile device management (MDM) strategies is that often personal devices are not equipped with the right levels of security features to protect corporate data inside or outside the company network.

What’s the solution?

A way to solve this is to deploy a sophisticated MDM solution – one that is strong enough to repel security breaches from multiple angles but still enable the user access to their work.

Security and productivity challenges, solved

When it comes to enterprise mobility management, Microsoft 365 Enterprise offers an MDM solution with the highest levels of security, without reducing the enhanced productivity levels that are central to mobile working.

The Microsoft Enterprise 365 solution is made up of the following:

  • Office 365: Microsoft’s enterprise productivity solution
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS): a mobile-focused, identity-driven security platform
  • Windows 10: Microsoft’s most up-to-date and secure operating system.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise empowers your employees by giving them the latest productivity apps, while maintaining the flexibility of mobile working and the control your IT team needs.

Make mobility your priority

For a lot of organisations, a trusted partner like Centrality can help solve even the most difficult mobility management challenges.

At Centrality, we use our expertise and knowledge of Microsoft solutions to help organisations deploy the most appropriate tools for their business processes. We have over two decades of experience delivering Microsoft solutions to a wide range of clients across industries. Whether you are looking to disrupt your sector or simply keep up with competitors, we can help guide your move to Microsoft 365 Enterprise. Our Microsoft Gold Partner-certified experts will be there to help you every step of the way, from planning to deployment to offering on-going support.

Find out more  about how to plan your enterprise mobility management strategy with us.

To find out more about enterprise mobility management and how Centrality can bring your business success in the modern workplace, contact us today. We are Microsoft experts and provide client-focused IT services. We leverage the right Microsoft solutions in the right combination to drive digital transformation at your organisation.