Is your data ready for AI?

Is your data ready for AI?

In today’s world, remote work and uninterrupted access to files and line of business applications are the norm. Many organisations have already made the transition to a cloud-native environment, leveraging tools such as Intune, to manage and govern devices and their security posture.

With AI advancements and the emergence of Microsoft Copilot, organisations will face the challenge of maintaining easily accessible, understandable, and controlled data to empower informed decision-making.

Microsoft Copilot promises to deliver a 40% productivity boost, making it essential for organisations to adopt AI, otherwise they may fall behind in efficiency, insights, and innovation in comparison to AI-equipped competitors. Therefore, ensuring your organisation is AI-ready is a business priority.

What does data AI readiness mean?:

Achieving data AI readiness requires understanding dark data that is embedded in your organisation, which is unused and unanalysed, and likely poses security, compliance risks, and missed opportunities for untapped insights and potential vulnerabilities. And all insider risk needs to be understood, managed and controlled appropriately. Ensuring appropriate data governance, privacy, classification, and management across all data sources is crucial.

The Microsoft productivity suite offers tools like Purview to address these challenges, complemented by AI tools such as Syntex, which automate content capture and categorisation.

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