Boost productivity at your business with our Office 365 tips

Microsoft’s Office 365 is the world’s most popular productivity platform with more than 120 million monthly active business users. Office 365 is a popular choice for businesses and its users because it enhances employee productivity and engagement. But is your organisation using the platform to the best of its ability? Our post will provide practical Office 365 tips to help boost adoption and productivity at your organisation.

At Centrality, we take every business’s unique requirements into consideration before suggesting any IT solution over another. It’s true that Office 365 is not necessarily the answer for every organisation, which is why we take the approach that we do. However, the numbers don’t lie. Office 365 works wonders for most. This is because it’s:

  • Reliable
  • Powerful
  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Easy-to-use

What’s more, Office 365 can be used by all organisations, not just (as the name might suggest) those based in offices. From retail workers on the shop floor to construction workers on a building site, Office 365 boosts productivity by providing a wide range of tools to enhance how people communicate, collaborate and much more. We have worked closely with businesses in hospitality, retail, leisure and the public sector, among others, to develop Office 365 solutions to meet their specific requirements and overcome industry-specific challenges.

Five Office 365 tips to boost productivity

There are many organisations that have already signed up to Office 365 but are not using its full range of applications. There are also organisations that are considering investing in Office 365 but have so far decided against it because they don’t see the value of the platform. So, here are five Office 365 tips demonstrating how you can use office 365 to add value to your business:

1. Use Office 365 as an end-to-end solution

Moving to Office 365 isn’t just ‘email in the cloud’. Office 365 is an end-to-end productivity platform with all the tools needed to boost productivity at your organisation. There’s Skype for Business for video conference calls, OneDrive for syncing and storing files online, Dynamics 365 for customer relationship management, Flow for building workflows…. The list goes on. there’s also Outlook for email and all the Office apps people love using like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

2. Give your employees the tools to work ‘anywhere, anytime’

Mobile and flexible ways of working are becoming increasingly popular, and many employees expect to be able to work ‘anytime, anywhere’. Businesses need to offer this or risk missing out on attracting top talent. Because Office 365 is based in the cloud, users can access their apps and documents on the go.

3. Embrace Microsoft Teams to boost collaboration and communication

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s dedicated app for collaboration and communication – and it is included in the Office 365 package. With Teams, your employees can find everything they need to connect with their colleagues. If this means holding video meetings, making calls, sending instant messages, sharing files or collaborating on documents in real-time, Microsoft Teams is the place to go. Unlock the key to productivity with quick, easy, accurate and seamless communication.

4. Future-proof your organisation

Digital technology has enabled forward-thinking companies to shake up the status quo. Think of Uber, Netflix and Airbnb as companies that have disrupted industries irreversibly. The fallout from this kind of disruption can affect anyone – from local businesses to established organisations, all companies and industries are at risk. Organisations that want to stay competitive in the next 5, 10 or 20 years need to begin digitising the way their businesses are run, so that they’re ready for change in their industry when it comes. Office 365 is a great starting point – giving your employees tools to work faster, connect easier and boost productivity.

5. Choose an IT provider you can trust

It’s essential to find an IT provider who can tailor Office 365 to your organisation. At Centrality, our priority is to always get to know the ins and outs of our customers and to figure out the best solution for your business, together. No two companies are the same, and Office 365 isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. The real value of the solution comes through the wide range of apps which can be combined and customised to fit your organisation’s needs. A trusted partner who has experience of deploying Office 365 can help make sure you find the right combination for you. When you take this approach, you will undoubtedly get more from your Office 365 investment and be able to unlock its full potential to improve productivity at your organisation.

Dedicated to finding the right solution for you

At our HQ, we can show you first hand how Office 365 works. At Centrality, we never simply recommend a technology; first, we install it ourselves and use it. This way we can guarantee that any given IT solution is the best for our customers and offer them practical tips on best practice.

On top of this, Centrality offers 24/7 proactive support, 365 days-a-year. With the tools to be more productive and Centrality’s expert support every step of the way, we can ensure you are set up to meet the demands of today’s business landscape.

For more Office 365 tips or to learn how we can help you find the best IT solution to drive your business forward, get in contact with us at Centrality today.