Unleash the power of the modern workplace with Microsoft 365 Enterprise

This blog will explain how to build a modern workplace with Microsoft 365, and how teaming up with a trusted IT partner is key to helping you optimise your IT.

Key to succeeding in the modern workplace is providing your employees with the tools to work flexibly and collaborate freely. No technology provides that opportunity more so than the cloud. However, security remains a key concern for organizations that decide to work this way.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise empowers employees with the latest productivity apps in the cloud (through Office 365) while also providing Microsoft’s identity-driven security package (Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security) and its most secure, consistent and personal operating system yet (Windows 10).

But there are several challenges to deploying and rolling out new tools across a large organisation. Businesses will have different requirements and expectations of technology depending on industry and vertical, and staff will similarly use technology in different ways for different reasons.

Whether your employees are admin workers in an office, teachers at a university, or frontline workers in hospitality, Centrality can help you unleash the power of the modern workplace with Microsoft 365 Enterprise. In this post, we will discuss:

  • Why balancing security and productivity is key to the modern workplace
  • What’s included in the Microsoft 365 Enterprise package
  • How Centrality can help you optimise your IT

The real value of Microsoft 365: productivity without compromise

Succeeding in the modern workplace is a tough balancing act. Organisations need to let their employees work flexibly, creatively and productively, while keeping their business secure.

In recent years organisations have been introducing technology to facilitate flexible working – new team collaboration tools help employees access files on the go, directly communicate with colleagues wherever they are in the world and work collectively on documents. While the benefits to productivity are abounding, many organisations are not thinking about the associated security concerns – sometimes even rolling out new tools without considering how safe this leaves their organisation’s digital assets.

Microsoft Enterprise 365 provides the highest level of security without compromising on the productivity benefits of working in the cloud. What’s more, teaming up with a trusted partner like Centrality can ensure that all of your business needs are covered.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise: the secure modern workplace 

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a “complete, intelligent solution… that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.” It offers organisations productivity in the modern workplace without compromise.

With Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Microsoft has brought together three of its most popular and powerful productivity solutions to deliver an end-to-end digital workplace.

  • Office 365
    Office 365 is more than just ‘email in the cloud’. It gives you all the tools you need to connect and collaborate in the cloud: Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams, Dynamics 365, OneNote, SharePoint Online and much more – you can see the full list of Office 365 apps and services here.
  • Windows 10
    Windows 10 gives you a powerful and personal operating system built for the digital workplace, with a simple user interface and even the AI-powered voice assistant Cortana. It’s the most modern, consistent and secure version of Windows yet.
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS)
    EMS provides identity-driven security for the modern enterprise. It gives organisations more control to protect information, to monitor access and to manage apps and mobile devices. For more information on the distinction between the two Enterprise packages, you can read our blog on the difference between E3 and E5 here.

Build a modern workplace with Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) work well alone. However, providing solutions on such a broad scale is going to leave some businesses feeling like the platform has more to offer, while others may over-pay for the service they’re getting. This is also the case for Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

The flip side to this is that Microsoft’s platforms are extremely flexible. Meaning businesses that can identify the technology that can solve their problems and capitalize on their financial opportunity can reap serious rewards.

At Centrality, we have over 20 years’ experience delivering Microsoft solutions to a wide range of organisations and can guide your move to Microsoft 365 Enterprise. Our three Microsoft Partner competencies—Gold Partner for Cloud Platform, Gold Partner for Productivity and Gold Partner for Windows 10 & Devices—cover the breadth of the Microsoft tech stack. So you can be assured our team can help your drive to the modern workplace, from planning to deployment to on-going support.

But, most important of all, we will work closely with your business—your goals, needs, problems, and more—to figure out the best solution for you. We consider your whole IT set-up to consider the best course of action—whether that’s optimizing business processes, enabling flexible working, improving collaboration or making your business more secure.

We do this by understanding your business, finding the right solution and offering ongoing proactive support. So when you move to the modern workplace, you do it right the first time.

To find out more about unleashing the power of a modern workplace with Microsoft 365 Enterprise, contact us at Centrality today. We are Microsoft experts, dedicated to providing client-focused solutions in the right combination to deliver true digital transformation for our organisation.