Cyber Security Managed Services launched by Centrality

Cyber Security Managed Services launched by Centrality

David Keeling, CEO of Centrality, a proud Microsoft Solutions Partner delivering technology solutions into a number of businesses and Phillip Davies, Centrality’s CSO, former Head of Cyber Crime for law enforcement & Managing Director of The Security Consultancy announced the launch today of Centrality’s extended Professional Services offering.

Over 80% of today’s security breaches stem from an over reliance on passwords, leaving many open to the biggest security threats today. Data breaches and identity theft fuelled by compromised credentials are business as usual for fraudsters, trading openly online with established market values for identities. Compromises cost business $3m per breach, for small business that’s just not sustainable. Keeling said “As an established Microsoft gold partner, Centrality has recognised the huge benefit in providing a one stop shop solution for our clients. Instead of clients establishing different relationships with tech and cloud solutions, technical security vendors and then finding security professionals to deliver data protection, response and awareness training, we have put these essential investments into a single service using our own Chief Information Security Officer to lead engagements. Our clients will be able to better leverage their tech investment in one place in a long-term relationship with their preferred partner.”

Davies said “It’s not just about security. We spend hours each year re-setting our passwords, prompted when we don’t have time, when on a mobile device, in between meetings or travelling. Businesses loses millions in productivity, revenue and many hours of staff time, leaving customers unable to buy and employees unable to get on with their day-to-day work.

Compromise often occurs as we use the very mobile device that has those unused secure authenticator apps, fingerprint, retina and geo location options already in place. Fraudsters continue to capitalise on this reliance with exploits including password reset phishing emails. How many of your colleagues, friends or family have fallen victim to these? “

Centrality is working with customers reducing their security overheads, saving them time and money, so they can focus with a clear strategy on what really matters.

Centrality’s new Security-as-a-Service provides businesses with a range of services to both assess your organisations security, developing a clear tailored strategy, allowing you to make informed decisions bringing your security & technology spend together. Enabling clients to become more secure, saving time, effort and reducing your costs. We will then deploy the right services for your business; from security awareness programs, incident response, data classification, leakage prevention and threat management solutions to protect your business. Our clients see real value in bringing services together identifying better ways to grow their business.

Interested in discussing more? Get in touch today for a discovery call with our dedicated Cyber Security Services team.