Unlock the potential of AI with Microsoft Copilot

Unlock the potential of AI with Microsoft Copilot

The rise of AI is reshaping everything around us, impacting every aspect of our lives. As technology evolves, businesses are looking to leverage AI to deliver data-driven insights, in-depth automation and enhanced decision-making. The accessibility of machine learning has given businesses the ability to harness data like never before. AI’s rise has reshaped how businesses operate, innovate, and succeed, and anyone that seizes its potential has the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving landscape.

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft announced their latest innovation – Copilot. Microsoft Copilot combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with business's data to, as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella states, “Revolutionise how people operate fundamentally and unleash a new wave of productivity increase”.

Microsoft Copilot has been designed to enhance user productivity by integrating GPT and LLM with Microsoft’s suite of tools. The integration allows Copilot to generate items such as suggestions and visualisations based purely on the user's work within that tool. Microsoft believes that there are several ways that Copilot could transform the way business's work every day.

Unlock productivity

Microsoft Copilot is set to unlock productivity through tools such as Outlook and Teams.

Copilot in Outlook:

  • Help you to clear your inbox in minutes
  • Summarise email threads with multiple contacts to understand what has been discussed
  • Generate emails via suggestions

Copilot in Teams:

  • Enables every meeting to be effective and the most productive
  • Summarising key discussion points and actions, all whilst still in the meeting
  • Suggest next steps and schedule a follow-up meeting


Unleash creativity

Microsoft Copilot is set to unleash creativity through tools such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Copilot in Word:

  • Create a first draft of a document, gather information from prompts and information from across your organisation
  • Save hours in writing, sourcing, editing
  • Add content to existing documents, summarise text, and rewrite sections
  • Copilot can also help you to improve what is already written, smooth inconsistencies or strengthen arguments

Copilot in PowerPoint:

  • Create presentations by just providing Copilot with a single prompt
  • Pull content related to the topic of the presentation from other documents across your organisation
  • Create a presentation from a pre-existing written document into a complete deck

Copilot in Excel:

  • Analyse trends and create professional-looking data visualisations
  • Ask Copilot questions about your data set
  • Quickly identify trends within the data, ask for recommendations to drive other outcomes

Microsoft Copilot has been created as a new knowledge model for every organisation to help facilitate and harness productivity for every user everywhere. Copilot is here to develop what you’re already succeeding at within your job, giving you more opportunities to progress quicker within your position.

Copilot will fundamentally change how people work with AI. Interested in starting your AI journey? Secure your free data assessment today to ensure your business data is ready for AI.