World Mental Health Day 2023

World Mental Health Day 2023

Here at Centrality, we believe that it's extremely important to raise awareness surrounding Mental Health and help to reduce the stigma around talking about it.

As a part of World Mental Health Day, this week we decided to host a number of activities throughout the week to bring everyone across the business together to help spread awareness, educate, but also give individuals a safe space to talk.


Activities this week included:

🚶 A Mental Wellbeing Activity Bingo where employees were given 16 different activities to complete across the week which included things such as 'take a            walk at lunchtime with a colleague', 'sleep 8 hours' or 'remember to take a screen break'

🍓 Mental Health Awareness lunch for employees to come and eat lunch together and talk about mental health subjects

💬 Resharing information about what we offer our employees to assist with any mental health concerns

👟 Sharing tips and tricks to maintain a healthy mental and physical health every day this week


As an employer, it's part of the long-term strategy for Centrality to raise awareness with our employees to try and make the issues less taboo.