Bordeaux Index
Case Study

Case Study

Bordeaux Index

Migration to Azure & Cloud Native Modern Workplace

Migration to Azure & Cloud Native Modern Workplace

Bordeaux Index began with the passion of a few wine and spirit lovers looking to change the way a wine merchant operates and redefine how wine is bought and sold across the globe. With five offices across the globe, with an ecommerce and trading platform serving buyers with the Worlds Finest Wines, Bordeaux Index is the one of the world’s leading wine and trade merchants.


"Partnering with Centrality enabled Bordeaux Index to leverage the benefit of a cloud enabled IT Strategy."

Kat Fowler, COO

"We are always striving for new and better ways of doing what we do because we believe our clients deserve better"


"Centrality delivered a step change in security"

The Benefits

The transformation program delivered a number of significant benefits and had a positive impact on the organisation:
  • User can now work securely from any location that has a simple internet connection without the need for VPN’s
  • Staff productivity has increased given the improved end user experience
  • Staff have been able to embrace hybrid working leveraging MS Teams, MS Teams Telephony and MS Teams Meeting rooms
  • The IT infrastructure footprint has reduced by 90%
  • With Centrality we delivered an overall cost reduction by consolidation suppliers and simplification of the IT Estate

Centrality has built a foundation that enables future scale, increased security and a premium end user experience for our staff.