Building a cyber-resilient business: The importance of logging and monitoring

As new technologies continue to advance and emerge rapidly, so does the opportunity for more vicious cyber-attacks. It's been reported that 7 out of 10 businesses see cyber security as a high ...

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Five reasons hybrid work is more effective with Azure Virtual Desktop

As organisations adapt to modern and hybrid working scenarios, it’s essential to find cost-effective ways to increase business resilience by providing secure, remote desktop and app experiences for ...

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VIP Event: Do More with Less Microsoft Campus, Reading

We’re delighted to announce our VIP Event at Microsoft Reading on 28 February 2023 – Microsoft Empowers You To Do More with M365, Azure & Security. Read on to learn more about this exciting ...

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Invitation to our webinar 'Microsoft Empowers You - Do More with Less'

As CFOs, we understand you're always looking for solutions to maximise your organisations financial success and support the overall financial strategy. That's why we at Centrality we are delighted to ...

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Centrality and Microsoft: A Partnership Built on Security

What are the Microsoft Solutions partner designations In October 2022, Microsoft retired the competency partner program (Gold & Silver) and replaced this with Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. ...

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Automating the Monotony – The Power of Business Process Automation

When you hear the phrase “industrial revolution,” what comes to mind? Essentially, an industrial revolution involves the application of new technologies resulting in transformative effects on ...

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Planes Don’t Fly Without Pilots: The Right Technical Expertise

If you’ve been keeping up with current affairs this summer, you won’t have failed to notice the turmoil the aviation sector is in. After 2 years of near dormancy, demand for air travel has rebounded ...

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The Unsung Hero of the Microsoft Cloud: Security

Exploring the world leading capabilities of the Microsoft Security Portfolio. When you hear the name “Microsoft” what comes to mind? For the vast majority, the Seattle-headquartered tech-giant is ...

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An Underutilised Resource – Why You Don’t Need 365 for Your Business

In 2011 Microsoft launched the first iteration of what has evolved to become the Microsoft 365 we know today. Launched initially as “Office 365”, businesses largely saw this new platform as an ...

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How Microsoft XDR & SIEM helps you combat The Global Cyber Threat

In this article we take a brief look at how the cyber threat landscape is evolving and where the Microsoft Security stack helps to safeguard businesses against an ever evolving threat. The Changing ...

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Feature Flashlight: Microsoft Purview

Launched in September 2021, Azure Purview (as it was then known) was designed to help users govern their information securely and ensure regulatory compliance across multiple data environments. This ...

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Centrality’s appointment as a Microsoft Calling Advanced Specialist.

Microsoft Calling Advanced Specialisation Announcing Centrality’s appointment by Microsoft as an Advanced Calling Specialist Partner. As tens of thousands of businesses across the country worked to ...

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